Saturday, May 31, 2014

Glutton Free Diet May Eliminate Heartburn

A new not-so-scientific study shows that following a glutton free diet may completely eliminate heartburn. It should be noted that this study, which has been ongoing for over twenty years, was conducted with a small sample size -- one. That one would be me.

For all of my adult life, I have kept chalky antacid tabs by my side to combat frequent bouts of heartburn. I tried Pepcid AC, but didn't find it effective at all. The only prolonged periods of heartburn free life that I've experienced have come during times of watching my calorie intake, and avoiding over-eating. Sure, there are certain foods that will trigger it with a small portion, but overall I am enjoying life without Tums.

If you are tired of that feeling of acid bubbling up into your esophagus, tired of drinking the Maalox or popping the Rolaids, tired of taking your daily Prilosec; try eating less instead. Sure, it's not as easy as getting a prescription from a doctor, and you will likely miss the satisfaction of a completely stuffed stomach; but the end result is that you will feel better and may even lose some weight in the process.

I plan to continue this study indefinitely... or for at least as long as my own willpower continues to keep my appetite in check.

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