Monday, August 31, 2015

Before & After Update

It's been 10 months since I last did a "Before & After" post, so I thought I'd do another, since I have fresh pictures. The first one is from January 2011 at 240 lbs., and the second from August 2015 at 175 lbs. Not a huge difference in the last 10 months, but gradually trimming and toning. 

My body may ache after completing a half marathon, but I find satisfaction in knowing that this temporary soreness was brought about by doing something great. I may have felt pain-free and "comfortably numb" when I was "fat and happy"; but as a whole, the extra energy, added mobility, and overall healthier feel of being fit and healthy far outweigh any exercise induced discomfort. The road I was on had me headed for a rendezvous with one of those motorized "mobility scooters", but now the road I'm traveling has nothing of the sort on the horizon (Lord willing).

Get out there and forge your own road that's headed in a direction you want to go. I see my friends sharing on social media about their progress from eating a balanced, healthy diet; and from engaging in exercise like kickboxing, cycling, crossfit, running, interval training, etc., and it keeps me inspired and motivated to keep going.

All Day Long!

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