Saturday, January 10, 2015

10km before 10am

My new Saturday morning slogan is 10km before 10am.

Since my last update, I have decided that I don't need to start taking in more calories as a New Year's resolution, but actually need to stay vigilant for a while to try and burn off extra Holiday calories. I have also stepped up my running game, and am trying to run at least 6.2 miles (10km) per run, but really have been trying reach 7 miles when time allows.

On Saturday mornings, I have a full two hours to run while Noah does karate, so that is prime time to break the 7 mile barrier. My routine is to get up around 6am, drink two large cups of French press coffee with my Schwan's Sausage Egg Biscuit and banana. Noah and I are out the door by 8:00, and I hit the streets by 8:30. After a 5 minute warm up walk, I find my stride with the goal of running 10km before 10am.

My body has mostly tolerated the increased mileage, although burning 1000+ calories at one time can really wear you out. It has also caused a few flare-ups of tendinitis in the instep of my left foot, but the pain has been manageable, for the most part. Getting in a 6.5-7 mile run in on weekday afternoons is especially challenging, as my body is a little more worn out after a day of work, etc. -- it's still a good feeling to get a long run in then, but not quite as exhilarating as gettin' it done by 10am.

I have thought of registering for an actual 10k race sometime in the future, but I'm not really doing this for competition purposes. The only real race I've done was a 5k back in September 2011 -- I had just completed the Couch to 5k program, and weighed about 200-lbs. If I run a real 10k race, I will definitely have to work on my finish line pose...

If you are still looking for your own Glutton Free lifestyle habits, I recommend getting up early on Saturdays (or whatever your day off is), and getting a workout done by 10am. It's a nice feeling to accomplish something early in the day, and it gets it frees up the rest of the day for other things. Obviously you can't just start out running 10km at a time, but just adjust your motto to fit your workout routine. 5km before 10am? 1km before 10am? T25 before 10am? C25K before 10am? Whatever it is... get out there and move, and git-r-dun!


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